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SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier

Unleash powerful and portable purification at home and on-the-go with the new SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier. Inspired by the way a thunderstorm naturally purifies our outdoor environment, SafeAir™ Mini uses advanced micro-sized technology to electronically generate super powerful activated oxygen to attack and destroy even the most stubborn indoor air pollutants. Additionally, SafeAir™ Mini also adds negative ionization for a fresh air feeling around the clock. 

SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier

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  • Easy to Use - Just Plug In, Power on and Purify.

    Rapidly Purifies Up to 500 Square Feet.

    Attacks smoke, odors, allergens, Mold & Bacteria.

    Fits in the Palm of Your Hand like a Smartphone.

    Includes USB Adapter for On-the-Go Purification

  • Coverage Space - Up to 500 Square Feet

    Unit Size - 9cm x 5cm x 14cm

    Unit Weight - 0.44 lb.

    Shipping Weight - 1 lb.

    Power - AC 110-240 V; 8 ft USB/Micro SD Adapter

    Ozone Output - 0.4 - 0.8 (adjustable)

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