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Frequently Asked Questions 

Got questions? We've collected some of the most commonly asked EcoWasher® questions to help you find answers quickly. 

So, What
Exactly is

EcoWasher® is a patented device inspired by trusted hospital laundry technology that attaches to your residential washing machine and cold water supply. EcoWasher® uses the flow of your home's water supply and a unique electronically generated process to create an on-demand cleaning solution without the use of toxic laundry detergent, cleaning chemicals or hot water. 

Is EcoWasher® Difficult to Install? 

While the though of attaching a device to your washing machine and water supply might seem intimidating, EcoWasher® typically installs in just 10 minutes or less - with no phone call to the plumber required! 

After using the provided bracket to mount your EcoWasher® to the wall, simply connect your cold water inlet hose to the unit, and then use the provided outlet hose to connect your EcoWasher® to

the washing machine! 

What Types
of Washing Machines Work Best with EcoWasher

EcoWasher® can be used with almost any residential front load or top load washing machine, making it a perfect addition for your home, small business or facility. 

Although EcoWasher® was inspired by large-scale hospital technology, is not designed for use on industrial or computerized washing machines or laundry facilities. 

Does EcoWasher® Work with Hard Water or Well Water?

While EcoWasher® will work with all household or residential water qualities, including hard or well water. However, better water quality will yield better results. If you have hard or well water, it is suggested to use a secondary water softener or filter for better water quality. 

We put your health and your safety first! With no toxic chemicals or hot water required, EcoWasher® and it's purification technology are perfectly safe to use in your home and are especially recommended as a detergent alternative to those with skin sensitives or allergies. 

Is EcoWasher® Safe for My Family to Use? 

While we recommend ditching the toxic ingredients that are found in most detergents, you may choose to continue to use detergent with the EcoWasher if you prefer.

If you're simply looking for an fragrance alternative, we suggest adding an aromatic essential oil to your wash load, such as lemongrass or lavender. 

Can I Continue
to Use Laundry Detergent 
with EcoWasher®?  

Does EcoWasher® Really Destroy Germs and Bacteria?

Yes, it's true! Unlike toxic detergents which only cover up odors and germs, the oxidizing power of EcoWasher® is actually tested and proven to destroy germs and bacteria from your laundry in as little as 5 minutes!


Want to see the proof?

Click here to view the lab results!  

Are Any Filters
or Replacement Cartridges Required for EcoWasher®?

Our standard residential models (EcoWasher® Ultra and EcoWasher® SE) do not require any replacement cartridges or filters throughout the normal lifespan of the unit. 

However, our commercial strength EcoWasher® EXL unit includes a specialty disiccant dryer cartridge that is recommeded to be replaced every  3 - 6 months for best results and longevity. 

How Much Money Can I Save By Switching to EcoWasher®?

According to our initial time and savings testing, we found that a family of four doing just 3 loads of laundry per day can save up to $1000 per year on laundry detergent and hot water costs! 

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