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Detergent Dangers 

Everyday millions of people use laundry detergent to wash their clothing, but at what cost? In most households, the process of doing laundry has become an easy daily task that we typically assume is safe. From colorful packaging to cuddly mascots, laundry detergent brands have become household names, but have you ever though about what's behind the label? 


Dioxane is a carcinogen that softens clothing and fabrics and is not required to be listed on detergent labels. 


This ingredient is derived from synthetic crude oil and is a main ingredient in most laundry detergents. 


This chemical breaks down dirt and grime, but at the cost of  poisoning our fresh water lakes and rivers. 


Fragrance is just a fancy word used to describe a combination of aromatic ingredients that can cause allergy flare ups, skin irritation & breathing issues. 

Nonylphenol Ethoxylates

Banned in Europe & Canada, this substance can effect the growth of cells, increase the risk of cancer & cause hormone damage. 


Used widely in the production of soaps & detergents, this carcinogenic ingreditent can irritate the throat, & cause  fluid build-up in the lungs. 

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