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Thinking Green

Being environmentally friendly means living the improved lifestyle. It’s about taking those simple steps to make earth a better living place for our next generation.

Conservation of water and energy are among the practices that are known all over the world that can help protect our earth from degeneration. Build a home that uses eco-friendly materials like buying appliances that can conserve energy and water.

Whether you are going to purchase an eco washing machine or the typical washing machine, you should start comparing both kinds using the Energuide label. Consumers can compare the efficiency of the energy and water consumption.

If you’re already in an appliance center for an eco washing machine, you may want to start with an Energy Star washer. Energy Star is an international symbol of energy efficiency. Energy Star products are the most efficient in their class.

Eco washing machine has sensors that limit energy waste. It has same water needs as to the size of your laundry load.

When using your eco washing machine keep in mind that you can rinse your clothes in cold and warm water but there are eco-friendly detergents that are developed for cold water only. If you have a front loading machine it is efficient to use high efficiency detergent because front loads use less water than traditional washing machines.

If possible place your washing machine near your water heater as this can save you space and heat as well. Keep your pipes insulated to minimize heat loss.

Again don’t just wear your clothes once, wear it more than once. However, this doesn’t go for everything especially if you have a stinking sock. It is a simple way to cut back on your laundry.

The mighty hand wash might sound tiring and time consuming but there are things that could make it easier using pedal washers or laundry plungers. It can be your simple way to exercise, if that sounds too much to take your clothes with you when you take a shower and get stomping.

These are tips to become an eco-friendly warrior:

  • Be aware of the natural resources that our earth could offer, think about the heat that you choose, how much water you are using, how you travel and what products you are using.

  • Practice conservation by simply turning off the lights that you don’t actually need when doing something or just by using eco-friendly materials when building your home.

  • Growing trees help us on a daily basis since they give oxygen and clean air.

  • Lessen your carbon footprint. If you don’t need to travel using your car, try to ride a bicycle or walk your way to your destination. Choose your travel options wisely.

  • Reduce means reducing what you produce and consume.

  • There are certain things that can be reused instead of throwing it in the garbage. Recycle things when possible so you can use it for a different purpose.

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