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The Power of Ozone for Your Home Laundry

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hotels, hospitals, and other establishments have been using “ozone” for their laundry and now you can with the EcoWasher. Ozone is commonly associated with pollution or smog, but in the context of laundry, they are not the same. As a matter of fact, the earth produces ozone naturally in the air at low levels. When the environment gets polluted, the heat and pollution interact, which causes the production of higher levels of ozone.

Ozone in the Laundry

Ozone is a wonderful cleanser that is used to purify water systems, pools, and in some cases, even the food supply. Ozone is commonly used because it cleans dirt and destroys pathogens, such as salmonella, E. coli, staph, candida, etc. Therefore, when you use ozone in your laundry with the EcoWasher it cleans better than detergent and also disinfects.

Once ozone comes in contact with pathogens and germs, it disables or kills them. However, using ozone in the laundry does not automatically mean all pathogens and germs will be killed. There are several factors that would impact how thoroughly the clothes will be disinfected, including the coldness of water, the amount of laundry, the amount of ozone, etc.

How Ozone Works Better Than Detergent

Nevertheless, ozone can still disinfect the laundry better than detergent, which does not disinfect. There are actually several problems with detergent, including:

  • Detergents contain chemicals that can negatively impact the environment when you are done washing. They can also harm sensitive skin. Ozone does not generate too much pollution, and uses less energy and water, which means it is environment-friendly

  • Over time, detergents can damage your laundry, cause the colors to fade, and ruin the fabric. This makes ozone perfect as an eco washer because it does not damage the fabrics, which means you will buy new clothes less often.

  • Detergents do not get completely washed out from the clothes, and as a result, the fabrics get less fluffy. Ozone does not leave any chemical residue, so your clothes will smell and feel fantastic.

Huge Savings on Ozone Laundry

Ozone lasts longer in cold water, which can also translate into huge savings for you when you use an EcoWasher. By simply eliminating hot and warm water in your laundry, you can have savings in money and energy. You can add that to the savings you can get from not using any detergent in your laundry.

The Future of Laundry

You cannot undervalue the advantages of ozone over detergents. Aside from the huge savings you can get, ozone is also environment-friendly and works much better than detergents. These are the reasons why many people believe that ozone brings a bright future to the laundry system, purchasing an EcoWasher is not just for hotels, hospitals, and other commercial establishments, but also at home because ozone laundry systems are now available for residential houses.

There was a time that units for ozone laundry are too big and were available for industry or commercial use. However, today, every family can lessen the use of energy consumption and chemicals in order to start having huge savings.

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