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The Facts About Phosphates

After doing the laundry, you are probably happy about the “fresh and clean” feel and smell of your clothes. However, you are probably not aware that detergent can be a factor in common diseases, such as cough and cold. In this article, you will learn about the sick laundry cycle and how you can avoid it

While detergent manufacturers create new and advanced formulas for cleaning dishes, households, and clothes, the people are paying with their health. Laundry detergents continue to have more and more harmful chemicals.

What are Phosphates?

Phosphates used to be a popular cleaning ingredient in most laundry detergents. They are known to break down dirt elements and remove stains by allowing suds to build and softening the water. This process helps detergents to work better. However, when you learn about the sick laundry cycle, you will find out that phosphates are now banned from being used in detergents.

What are the Dangers of Phosphates

Residues from phosphates could cause problems and irritations</a> like diarrhea, rashes, and nausea. Aside from its harmful effects in the body, phosphates in detergents also posed environmental problems like increased of algae growth on waterways. Phosphates suffocate fish and they discharge toxins that lessen oxygen in the waterways.

What About Fabric Softeners?

While fabric softeners smell good, there is also an issue about them that you need to learn about the sick laundry cycle. Some of the possible harmful effects of fabric softeners include:

  • Camphor – can cause illnesses in the central nervous system.

  • Benzyl acetate – associated with pancreatic cancer.

  • Ethyl acetate – on the EPA Hazardous waste list considered as a narcotic.

  • Chloroform – a carcinogen, neurotoxin, and anaesthetic.

  • A-Terpinol – can cause nervous system and respiratory illnesses.

  • Limonene – a known carcinogen.

Chemical-Free Laundry

There is a recent technology in the laundry system that is making waves that you also need to learn about the sick laundry cycle so your family can avoid catching illnesses caused by detergents on your laundry. This is called the ozone laundry system that is detergent-free and made from natural oxygen without any poisonous additives. It would easily attach to automatically work with your washing machine.

Ozone Laundry

When you use ozone in your laundry, it is not like the effect of detergent wherein you wash your clothes and they will still come out as full of bacteria. This is because detergents do not actually sanitize the clothes. This is one of the factors that spread norovirus and other diseases. From there, the viruses and bacteria are still on the clothes that your family continues to wear and washes without ever completely being clean.

The germs do not just linger on the clothes, but the washing machine can also be a contributor to an even less healthy puzzle because there is unseen dirt behind the wash wheel.

The ozone laundry system is part of what you have to learn about the sick laundry cycle because this is what the experts consider as the solution. It has worked for commercial purposes, and it is now also available for domestic use. It is an environment-friendly and family-friendly way of washing your clothes.

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