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The 5 "Don'ts" of Washing Machines

As effortless as clothes washing can be when you use a machine, there are still several ways to mess up with the chore. When you’re too careless or when you miss a thing or two during your preparations, the least that could happen is that your clothes get damaged or they wouldn’t be effectively cleaned. The worst? You could put your safety in jeopardy too!

Here is a list of things you should never do, so you can efficiently do laundry and avoid disasters:

1. Settling with a poor choice of equipment

Perhaps, you inherited an ancient piece of appliance from your mother, or you bought one impulsively from a shady store or even a flea market. Don’t settle! Your clothes can get ruined, the appliance can leak or short-circuit, or it can make your electricity or water bills expensive.

Look for efficient equipment, such as ozone laundry systems. The difference is that ozone washing can be milder on fabric, which means the process increases the life of your clothing and other linen. Ozone systems also help you reduce natural gas and energy costs, do the job in shorter wash cycles, and even dry your laundry more quickly.

2. Doing your laundry without checking the washing machine beforehand

Are the wires clear from drips, leaks, or puddles of water? Are the drains, valves, and other parts of the machine working properly? These are important factors that can not only affect how fast you can finish your laundry or how clean your laundry will be, but also your safety as it could cause an electrical hazard.

3. Not taking cleaning agents seriously

You can’t just use any soap or cleaning solution. Some may not effectively remove dirt and stains, while some can make fabric colors fade. This is why clothes washing with ozone laundry systems is easy breezy

Ozone is simply O2 with an extra oxygen atom—it’s formed during lightning storms and serves as nature’s way to purify the atmosphere. As such, it effectively sanitizes and disinfects clothes and linen—even dissolves soil and kills bacteria faster than chlorine. Aside from being softer and cleaner, your laundry ends up smelling fresher when washed in an ozone laundry system.

4. Using hot water mixed with chlorine

Clothes washing should never be done with this mixture—unless you’re willing to permanently damage your apparel. The harsh combination can destroy the fibers in most fabrics. Plus, you consume more energy or natural gas because the water needs to be heated first.

Again, ozone saves the day, since it’s mild on clothes, it eliminates the need for hot water (you need to use cold water to activate ozone), chlorine, and other harsh detergents, and it can lengthen the life of your clothes (less fading, fraying, and tearing) for up to 30%

5. Not drying your clothes properly

Are there times when you don’t dry your clothes completely or you dry them inside the house instead of outside? Does it take too long to dry them or can’t you make them smell good unless you treat them with a fragrant fabric conditioner after washing?

These factors can make your clothes stink because of bacteria buildup, which means either you’re not using the right cleaning agent or your machine is dirty or broken. Get rid of these problems by choosing the right ozone laundry system, which can reduce the duration of washing cycles and the extent of drying times.

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