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If Your Go-To Stain Remover Isn't Doing the Job

When you’re clumsy, when you work outside all day, when you take public transportation especially when it’s raining, or when you just attract bad luck so often, you’re bound to stain your clothes a lot. Having kids or pets at home and holding parties every now and then can also be surefire ways to get your beddings, towels, and other linens at home easily soiled and stained.

Good thing there are an abundance of clothing stain removers in the market. You might have one at home that you use on everything.

Give the Power of Ozone a Try

However, there will be those pesky instances when your go-to solution fails you. Perhaps, you encounter a heavily soiled pair of pants that your child played in the mud in, a lipstick or ink-stained shirt, or maybe some dinner table linens soiled by grease and wine spills. If your choice of clothing stain remover isn’t working, you ought to try ozone laundry systems.

The Science Behind It

The composition of ozone is exactly three atoms of oxygen (O3), and it easily reacts to factors like water or low temperatures. When this happens (i.e. when you mix ozone with cold water), it breaks down into molecular oxygen (O2) and a single oxygen atom, which immediately forms bonds with anything it comes into contact with—including dirt and stains. As a result during laundry cycles, the grime and pigments are instantly removed from fabrics.

Is Ozone Better Than Chlorine?

In some ways, it is. Ozone is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional clothing stain remover, since various chemical by-products (mostly toxic to the Earth’s ozone layer and, allegedly, to humans) arise from bleaching or using chlorine for stain removal. Previously, producing chlorine-based solutions was much easier, which is why it became everyone’s go-to bleach or cleaning agent, but nowadays, ozone laundry systems are more commercialized and accessible.

Of course, ozone’s not a cure-all. The toughest stains may need to be pre-treated or at least softened up with hot water before ozone can thoroughly do its job.</a> However, in the general sense, it’s the safer and more affordable alternative (because you don’t need to buy chemical solutions for your washing machine) to chlorinated clothing stain removers.

Other Benefits of Ozone

Aside from being such an efficient clothing stain remover, ozone can also kill certain bacteria, viruses, and parasites—which mean it’s a handy disinfectant when you’re washing linen or clothes soiled by a sick person or those soiled with human wastes. Using ozone laundry systems has also been proven effective in removing and preventing odor in textiles and in extending the life of clothes and linen.

Most fabrics would even come out so fresh and soft, it’s as if they were dried on a clothesline on a breezy day under the sun. Additionally, you enjoy other practical benefits like savings on heating and energy costs (and time!) when using your washer and dryer. The specialized appliance usually takes more quickly to get filled with water, wash clothes thoroughly, and dry them completely. Indeed, investing in a top-rated ozone laundry system is a smart decision for any household.

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