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Getting Started with Detergent Free Laundry

Nowadays, manufacturers of different industries are in a bid to create and sell appliances that promise to either cut costs or make things easier for their end users. But many consumers want both, yet most products only deliver half of what they want. Now, there is one promising product in the market that promises both: "ozone laundry systems".

Ozone is a gaseous substance that is found naturally in the earth’s stratosphere. One molecule of ozone is comprised of three atoms of oxygen that bond when electrified. And as ozone is a powerful oxidizer, a substance that breaks down organic materials, it is perfect for use in laundry.

And by using an ozone laundry system, you will no longer need to use a vast amount of detergent. Curious as to why? That is because with ozone’s oxidizing characteristic, it can act as:

  • Detergent

  • Chlorine

  • Disinfectant

Now that is where the cost-effective characteristic of the laundry system comes in. By using this system, you will no longer require detergents, leading to a detergentless laundry. Furthermore, since ozone is a powerful and effective oxidizer, there is also no need for chlorine, disinfectants, and various other cleaning agents. But you will still need a small amount of bleach for your white clothes and linens. Therefore, you will be able to put your laundry budget elsewhere. Or save it up!

Aside from helping you cut costs through detergentless laundry, this system will also help you save in electricity consumption. That is because only cold water is required for laundry! That way, you don’t have to turn on your heater for hot water when doing your clothes-washing. What’s more, your clothes will not look worn so fast if you use only cold water; because while hot water aids in removing dirt and stains from fabrics, they also contribute to the wear.

But how does the detergentless laundry system work? The system will generate ozone and infuse it to the water and the loaded laundry. Then, the ozone will get to work in eliminating dirt and stains, bacteria and mold.

It’s also very convenient since all you need to do is to attach it to your existing washing machine: most systems only require to be attached to a cold water source, and to the washing machine inlet.

You will also spend less time when using this system. Since it is detergentless laundry, then you wouldn’t need to wash your clothes and linens many times over to get rid of the detergent and the detergent’s smell.

To add to its cost-effectiveness and convenience, the system is also environment-friendly. As ozone is a natural phenomenon, there are no gases, chemicals, or any other substances produced by the laundry systems that could harm the environment.

It’s also safer for you and your family! While some detergents may have chemicals that could be harmful to the skin, ozone has no such effect. It is safe, and it has no bad effects either to you, your family, or to you clothing and linens.

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