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EcoWasher Refurb Service

Just like an organ transplant, our new refurbish service was designed to keep your existing EcoWasher running to it's full potential for years to come with the latest availble internal component assembly - including new piping, control board, ozone genertor, flow switch & more! 


How it Works - 

1) Process Your Order on the Following Screens 


2) Disconnect your EcoWasher from your washing machine and water supply 


3) Prepare your EcoWasher for shipment by packing the unit and powercord into a sturdy box. 


4) Take the package to your post office, UPS Store, or FedEx Store & ship to the address below 


EcoWasher Service Center 

154 Norton Ave 

Barberton, OH 44203 

EcoWasher Refurb Service

Excluding Sales Tax |
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