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Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again!

Simplify Your Routine, Save Money & Live Healthier with Chemical Free, Deep Cleaning Technology for Your Laundry & More! 

Laundry Detergent Alternative

EcoWasher's newest generation of chemical-free technology now features an auxiliary hose attachment! By simply engaging the hose, you can now take the proven purifying power of EcoWasher beyond the laundry room! From your floors to your countertops and more, EcoWasher allows you to create your own on-demand solution station for all your home or business cleaning tasks!

Unleash the Next Generation of Real Clean Technology for Your Laundry & More!

Julius Toth with ecowasher

Award Winning Innovation 

Noted as a "must have" for homes and families, EcoWasher® was awarded by the International Home + Housewares Show as the "Most Innovative Product" and has also been featured on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and The Big Pitch with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank! 

Fox News | HSN | The Big Pitch | Shark Tank

 Transform Your Laundry & Cleaning Routines with EcoWasher®

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and detergent cover-ups! Experience the REAL CLEAN with the all new and improved EcoWasher®!  As a 10 year veteran in the natural cleaning products industry and inspired by hospital trusted technology, EcoWasher® is a patented and proven oxidizing laundry and cleaning device designed with your health in mind. By working with your existing washing machine and water supply, EcoWasher® transforms ordinary cold water into a natural oxidizing agent that deeps cleans, deodorizes and disinfects without the use of toxic laundry detergent or other hazardous cleaning products. 

Hospital Street Sign

Hospital Trusted Technology

Washing Machine

Easy 10 Minute Installation 

Laundry Detergent Alternative

Eliminates Toxic Chemicals

EcoWasher Savings

Saves Households Up to $700 / Year*

Beth N - Green, OH

"The new EcoWasherSE® is even better & it has the bonus of a sprayer attachment which we used to clean our entire house with no added soap & it worked fantastically!" 

Use with your carpet scrubber to lift dirt & stubborn stains.

Ron G. - Monessen, PA

"EcoWasher® is an amazing product. It's almost unbelievable how the EcoWasher®, along with your washing machine, can do such a fantastic job without  detergent or hot water."

Carol P. - Abeline, TX

"I love my EcoWasher and I installed it myself in 15 minutes. What a great and simple way to go green and care for our clothes we wear every day and the environment we live in.

We love it!" 

Purifying Power Beyond Your Laundry Room

EcoWasher® doesn't stop at your clothing, towels and linens! Now equipped with an optional auxiliary spray hose attachment, you can now easily extract powerful, oxidized water from your EcoWasher® to fight odors, stains and bacteria right at the source! Simply attach the included hose to activate an on-demand cleaning solution. From floors to countertops, EcoWasher® creates an exciting, fun, and easy to use way to transform your cleaning routine!

Clean Carpets


Use with your carpet scrubber to lift dirt & stubborn stains.

Sanitize Sufaces


Fill a spray bottle to disinfect countertops, tile floors & more! 

Purify Produce


Wash away chemicals and pesticides from meat & produce.


Safe for Pets

Bathe & deodorize furry friends - leaves fur coats fluffy & soft! 

Laundry Detergent Alternative

 Laundry Detergent
is Legally Poisoning Your Family

While detergent is a common household item, the fact is that most leading brands of contain a cocktail of unsafe chemicals. In fact, laundry detergent products on average release as many as 17 toxins which have been contributors to skin irritation, potential neurological damage and more. To make matters worse, many of these harmful chemicals are not lawfully required to be listed on the laundry product labels - which allows laundry detergent to continue to be an unknown household poison. 

Laundry Detergent Alternative

It's a Fact: EcoWasher® Destroys Germs 

Independent lab testing verifies that in just 5 Minutes, EcoWasher® reduces common laundry spread germs such as E.Coli, Staph Infection and more without the use of laundry detergent, chemical additives or hot water. 

EcoWasher | Sanitize
EcoWasher | Sanitize
EcoWasher | Kills Germs
EcoWasher | Kills Germs
EcoWasher | Kills Germs

escherichia coli

candida albicans
Yeast Infection​

aspergillus brasiliensis
Mold / Fungus

salmonella typhimurium


staphylococcus aureus
​Staph Infection

Do You Know What's Left Behind in Your Laundry? 

Over time, home washing machines can build up detergent residue and "gunk" which gets hidden behind your wash wheel and in your door seals. This often unseen slimy mess contains residual chemicals and bacteria while encouraging explosive growth of dangerous mold, germs and viruses. Worse, not all of this toxic chemicals are rinsed out of your laundry, leaving them to be absorbed into your skin! This build-up can also cause strain on your washing machine and decrease it's overall efficiency. 

Laundry Detergent Alternative

Improve Your Business & Increase Your Bottom Line
with EcoWasher Technology 

Inspired by the same technology used by hospitals, EcoWasher can be a great addition to your business! From hair or tanning salons, spas, fitness centers, and vet clinics, we have models to meet the needs of your business and create a healthier and more efficient way to operate your laundry and cleaning procedures. 

Need More Details? Contact Our Sales Team to Find the Model that Works Best for Your Facility! 

EcoWasher Laundry

So, How Does EcoWasher® Work? 

EcoWasher® uses patented, hospital trusted cleaning technology that works with your existing washing machine to transform cold tap water into a powerful cleaning agent. Through a safe and scientifically proven venturi-infusion process, EcoWasher® generates a super charged H2O solution to deep clean, lift dirt and destroy bacteria on your clothing and more - without the use of laundry detergent or hot water!

Hover Over Each Icon Below To See the Patented 4 Step Process


Water passes through

an advanced oxidation process and is infused with powerful activated oxygen and negative ions.


When powered on and installed, cold tap water flows from your home's water supply and into the EcoWasher®


The infused water then travels through a static mixer and generates hydroxyl radicals to destroy germs and bacteria


Pure and powerful oxidized water exits the EcoWasher to disinfect and deep clean your clothing, towels, surfaces and more!

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